Greg Inglis

It was a strong showing from Greg Inglis, but despite his man-of-the-match honours, the Souths fullback says that this is just the tip of the iceberg for both his club, and himself – vowing that improvements are coming.

“I know I’ve got a lot more improvement in me personally, there’s still a lot more to my game than what was out there today,” Inglis said.

“I believe we can take it to another gear next week. That’s the most important thing, (against Newcastle) next week.”

It was a typical Inglis game, as he chimed in at appropriate times to score tries and set them up, keeping the Eels defenders on their toes – but despite that, he says he is still learning about the position every day.

“I think it just goes back to the new position – that’s the challenge that I see that I can hopefully master by next week,” Inglis said.

“I keep saying throughout the year, I keep looking at other fullbacks, the Ben Barbas, the Billy Slaters – I keep looking at how they persevere with each and every week and that’s where I want to lift my game to.”

Bunnies coach Michael Maguire is not about to complain, however, with the rookie coach impressed with the play of Inglis at this point.

“He’s pretty handy down there, he was outstanding,” Maguire said.

“Greg brings that to the team.

“He probably blew the cobwebs away a little bit last week but Greg was disappointed of our performance (last week) and he came out and showed that with the way he played today, along with all the team.”

He even received kudos from Eels skipper Nathan Hindmarsh, who said that there are few players like Inglis in the league.

“He’s probably been the hardest bloke there is to tackle over (my career),” Hindmarsh said.

“It’s hard to find someone else that’s as (dangerous), you do a kick-chase and you go ‘geez here comes GI’, and I’ve never felt like that before so he’s definitely a handful.”

On the Eels performance itself, with just one game to go, and the spoon likely to head to Parramatta – Eels skipper Nathan Hindmarsh was clearly frustrated.

“I’ve stopped caring mate,” Hindmarsh said when informed the Eels would now definitely finish last.

“I shouldn’t say that, I go out and play footy but it is what it is.

“Hopefully the team bounces back next year.

“There’s got to be someone who gets the spoon every year, unfortunately for us it’s this year.

“We’ve just got to deal with it, it goes into the record books as coming last.”

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