Gary Larson and Jason Hethrington

When you have former greats of the game in your corner to have your team in the NRL, you know that you are doing something right – and for the Central Queensland bid, they have none other than North Sydney Bears and QLD legend Gary Larson, in their corner.

Larson, who was born and raised in Gladstone, an area counted as a part of Central Queensland, and now coach at the Seagulls, says that for the region to have their own NRL team, would give the younger generation of players the opportunity to strive.

“We do have the talent, that’s for sure, but it’s how that talent is nurtured,” he said.

“Having a professional club will bring the coaching quality up in the region and in turn improve the players.”

To illustrate just how hard it can be to make it, Larson says that a good number of players from the region have had to give up either their job or their family life, just to play in the NRL.

“They’ve had to make sacrifices to go where the professional teams and better quality coaching is,” he said.

He also believes that the love and support is there in Central Queensland, to house an NRL team, one that can thrive.

“We’re in good hands with Dennis Keeffe and Geoff Murphy. They’re passionate about it,” he said.

“It’s long overdue in the area.”

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