Adrian Purtell

If you ask him, he will tell you that he wants to return to the field, though from a realistic standpoint, Australian centre Adrian Purtell, now playing at the Bradford Bulls in the ESL, knows that that will not be the case immediately.

It was after his side’s defeat, back on May 27, that Purtell suffered the heart attack.

I’d be silly not to think of the worst case scenario. I have hopes of coming back to play but I know my body has gone through a massive trauma,” Purtell said.

“I’m hoping for the best but I am expecting the worst.”

I realise I’m very lucky to have got through what I did to be feeling quite healthy now.

“I’m pretty much back to normal now. I’m back training, I don’t do as much as the other boys but I’m in the gym and it’s hard to believe I had a heart attack four months ago.”

In order to determine if he will have to retire, Purtell will be meeting with a cardiologist, to undergo further tests on his heart.

Despite his not being out there playing, Purtell has praised his team-mates for the way that they have rallied back, in light of the recent off-field dilemmas.

“It’s disappointing that I’ve not been able to play and help the boys out because they’ve been awesome,” he continued.

“They can hold their heads up high because with all the uncertainty that’s been going on it can be hard to concentrate on playing so they should be very proud to still be in with a chance of reaching the play-offs.

“It seems like things are heading in the right direction off the pitch too, so hopefully that gets sorted soon.”

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