John Bastian & Uwe Jansen

In a terrific boost forward for both the English Super League and for rugby league in Germany, the Warrington Wolves and Rugby League Deutschland (RLD), will officially form a partnership, following a successful meeting and visit by German officials to the region.

With the game in Germany still growing and thriving, this new partnership will support the processes and developments of German rugby league, as well as the structure.

John Bastian, the Warrington Director of Youth Development, returned from the German region, giving him a better understanding of rugby league in the country, as well as the morals and values of the people.

The aim of the entire trip, was to increase and advance all facets of German rugby league, with areas such as: educating the coaches, providing tactical and technical knowledge, developing skills, supporting strength and conditioning, as well as backing the junior development in German rugby league.

“The German people are very enthusiastic about creating sporting opportunities linked alongside strong family values and good education for their children,” Bastian said.

“I found the German people and children to be very disciplined and were morally very respectful in how they conducted themselves throughout my stay in Heidelberg. They were very pro-active within sport and under the guidance of Uwe Jansen, are working hard to develop and progress Rugby League within the German sporting culture.”

“We at Warrington Wolves will look to help progress and educate Uwe and his team of coaches alongside the young players, who show so much enthusiasm in wanting to improve their knowledge and understanding of Rugby League.

“I must also mention that Serbia, who were involved in a two-game u16s Test series against Germany, were also a credit to themselves in how they conducted themselves throughout the tournament.”

Development Manager of Rugby League Deutschland Uwe Jansen was pleased with the new partnership, in what he hopes is a valuable and fruitful relationship for both parties.

“Firstly, I want to thank John and the Warrington Wolves for giving us the opportunity to present ourselves. It was one of the best experiences German Rugby League has had,” Jansen said.

“I am certain we will all profit from this partnership, especially the support for our youth development which is the key to success for the game in Germany. We’ve installed a four year development plan for our boys, those born from 1996-1999. These players are the base of the first generation of Germany’s purely Rugby League playing seniors of the future.”

Danny Kazandjian, the General Manager of the Rugby League European Federation, is keen to see this new partnership evolve over the years, into something special.

“Every level of the game in Germany will benefit from this relationship, and our first focus will be on ensuring that RLD establishes a structure that will ensure more German Rugby League players are playing our sport more often than ever before,” Kazandjian said.

“That’s the priority. Further to that, Germany’s coaching personnel will benefit from the expertise of John and his colleagues, and I look forward to working with both the club and RLD.”

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