Ricky Stuart

It is no secret that the Eels were inconsistent in 2012, aided only by the consistency of a handful of players – but for new coach Ricky Stuart, he has one plan in mind. Rebuilding the club, and bringing about success in 2013.

With his intention clear, to get the Eels back into the finals and possibly the winner’s circle, Stuart officially took over the reins on Monday, overseeing his first training session as coach.

“It’s not just about first-grade, it’s about the club – that’s one thing I’ll be driving into the players,” Stuart said.

“It’s not about the individual, it’s not about the team, it’s about the whole club. We are very much at the start of a rebuilding process. We go back to square one, from the grassroots of it all.”

“In regards to attack and defence, it’s important that we educate the club culture in football, in a way myself, Dean [Pay, assistant] and Matty [Parish, assistant], want to have the boys playing.”

Every player has been required to attend the training sessions that Stuart held early on, with his decision to start training sessions two months early, giving him a chance to get to know and understand all the players.

“For me, it’s a matter of coming back after the break and the players knowing me, and knowing the players,” Stuart said.

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