Anthony Watts

Once you hear his name, you will instantly remember this former Sydney Rooster and North Queensland Cowboy – and you will remember how much talent he had, only to throw it all away, due to repeated indiscretions.

That man, is Anthony Watts, and, believe it or not, he is in trouble again – this time for attempting to break into his ex girlfriend’s house.

The incident was believed to have occurred around 8am, when Watts visited the house of former girlfriend Shannon Kiss, with witnesses alleging that the former NRL player was attempting to break into the house, as well as shouting threats.

As a result, when Police came to the house, Watts was taken in an ambulance to hospital, whilst handcuffed by police.

Police also confiscated a large sum of money from Watts’s vehicle, in what is the latest in a string of indiscretions by Watts.

By ricky

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