Sam Anderson

The player exodus from Newcastle to Penrith has continued once more, with promising Newcastle-born players Sam Anderson and Ethan Cook, signing for 1 and 2 years respectively, with the Penrith Panthers.

Anderson, who won both the Knights NYC player of the year as well as the Player’s Player of the Year in 2011, initially knocked back an offer from Penrith last season, to remain at Newcastle.

Coach Wayne Bennett could not weave his magic a second time, however, with Anderson and his father Paul, caving into Penrith’s General Manager Phil Gould’s words, about better opportunities in Penrith.

“I’ve enjoyed my time at Newcastle but I’m looking forward to the change at Penrith as well,” Anderson said last night.

“To be honest, being 21, you kind of need to make a decision, and I think the opportunity at Penrith is a lot better forwards-wise.

“There’s more of an opportunity for making my NRL debut there – in the next couple of years, hopefully – than there is at the Newcastle Knights.

“It’s all about chasing opportunity and there’s a good group of us going down there.”

Ethan Cook

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