It was an incident that the club did not need, in light of their tireless search for a new NRL coach – but New Zealand Warriors CEO Wayne Scurrah will have none of it, confirming that the club took action against some of its NYC players, for their involvement in an incident in their Sydney hotel, following their NYC loss.

Scurrah said that all players have been fined, and that heavier sanctions are yet to be imposed, but will be.

“We were informed by team management early on Sunday morning about an incident involving players in our NYC team,” said Scurrah.

“There were complaints of noise from guests in three rooms in the hotel.

“Players had gathered in two of the hotel rooms and alcohol was a factor. Given the club has a strict no-alcohol policy for our NYC players, we’re extremely disappointed they disregarded it.”

Scurrah made mention of the hotel’s duty manager, as the one to call the police to alert them about the incident.

“We’ve spoken to everyone in the team. We’ve dealt with the matter and we’re continuing to deal with it,” he said.

“We’ve also been in contact with the hotel and have apologised for what happened. All matters relating to the incident, have been satisfactorily resolved with the hotel.

“The hotel have written to us and said: ‘Thank you for your support and taking the matter seriously and professionally’. They said they appreciated our ‘promptness’ in dealing with it.

“We insisted on reimbursing room charges to the three complainants, as well as covering costs for cleaning and some minor damage.”

Scurrah said that the players involved in that incident, and their behaviour, is unacceptable.

“We’ve never had an incident like this involving our NYC team. We expect the highest standards from our players, which makes this even more disappointing.”

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