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With the recent success of Englishmen in the NRL, with James Graham, the Burgess brothers, Gareth Widdop and Gareth Ellis all excelling – the North Queensland Cowboys may be the next team to have an Englishman in their side, with the club set to sign exciting, young hooker Scott Moore, from the Huddersfield Giants.

In order for the deal to be signed, sealed and delivered, the Cowboys are just waiting on a visa clearance for the 24-year old, as well as for a few other chinks.

Peter Parr, the Cowboys General Manager of Football, says that Moore is a talented rugby league prospect.

“All our research over there says that he’s been playing really well,” Parr said.

“We would expect that if he was to come he would be a very good pick-up for us. But it’s not a done deal at this stage.”

Whilst many have had a notion that Super League players cannot perform in the NRL, with the aforementioned players excelling in the NRL – the Cowboys take confidence from the success of those Englishmen.

“We’ve taken a fair bit of heart from that,” Parr said.

“In my discussions with the coaching staff, they’ve got no doubt this guy can do what recent players have done coming out from England.

“If we can finalise the deal, we have no doubt that Scott will be able to contribute to the club.”

Moore, who has played for St Helens, Castleford, Widnes and Huddersfield is the youngest player to play in the Super League, making his debut at 16 years old, as well as securing representative honours at 21 – but there is no guarantee that he will start for the Cowboys, should everything be finalised.

“I don’t think we can put anyone at the head of the queue there,” he said.

“We got a couple of guys that are already here (Anthony Mitchell, Ray Thompson, Alex Elisala, Rory Kostjasyn) that will have their sights set on that position. We’ve got a lot of promise around that area.”

Moore has talent, but he can have some off-field troubles, with the Widnes Vikings sacking him recently, for disciplinary breaches.

“I’m led to believe his recent behaviour has been fine and we don’t have any real concerns about that,” Parr said.

“But it will be up to him to come here with the right attitude and understand what our rules are.”

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