John McDonald

He has been involved with the administration and the game of rugby league for decades as a player, coach and administrator and now, after continued service to the game, Queensland Rugby League Chairman John McDonald has made the decision to step down from the position.

With his position up for re-election, McDonald informed the board that he would not be putting himself up for election – with QRL Chief Executive Robert Moore paying tribute to McDonald’s tenure as Chairman.

“John has been a true servant of the rugby league code, at all levels of the game,” Moore said.

“It’s fair to say that no other international in rugby league history has made such an enormous administrative contribution.”

In his playing days, McDonald represented both Queensland and Australia, whereas his administrative days saw him serve as the Chairman for both the Australian Rugby League and the International Rugby League Federations boards.

“The board table is of course about doing the best you can for the game,” he said.

“I will still watch the games and enjoy seeing those great players come through. Each year we find new talent and something special.

“I will certainly miss the company and the friendly debate that goes on to make sure the game is in better shape than when you started.”

McDonald believes that the game has never been in a better place, with all of the rugby league bodies now connnected and aligned to each other.

“It is really exiciting, because it’s about making the game better and providing opportunities,” McDonald said.

“The Commission has adopted that policy. There has been a few little problems that they’ve had to sort out, but they’re making their way through that.”

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