Josh Perry

The dreaded nudie run – something that players are not a fan of, yet something they know they have to do at the end of every year, should they not score a try.

Usually, they are over and done with quickly, but for former Newcastle Knights and Manly Sea Eagles prop Josh Perry, now at St Helens – his nudie run saw him arrested and fined by police.

The nudie run is usually an embarrassing event the players have to partake in, but for Perry, he ran down Prescot Road stark naked, one of the busiest in the area – when a passing police car noticed him.

Subsequently, officers moved in quickly, and the 31-year old was fined.

In their statement, police said: “Merseyside Police can confirm that a 31-year-old man from St Helens was arrested on Prescot Road on Monday, Oct 3.

“He was taken to a nearby police station and interviewed by officers. Following his arrest, the man was issued with a fixed penalty notice for behaviour causing alarm or distress.”

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