Mitchell and Tyler Cornish

He may not be regarded as a household utility just yet, but the younger brother of Raiders half Mitchell Cornish, one Tyler Cornish, is expected to secure a deal with the Sydney Roosters – as he is set to meet club officials today in Bondi.

Tyler, who is 17, was named the best player in the Under-18 division, with Mitchell believing that the change of scenery may suit his brother well.

“We talked about his different options, but at the end of the day this is probably an opportunity he can’t throw away,” Mitch said yesterday.

“If he stayed in Canberra, they wouldn’t be able to offer him half of what the Roosters have, and he probably wouldn’t get as many games next year.
“The deal they’ve thrown at him is more than I’ve got when I first signed, for a 20s player it’s a good contract.”

With the depth in the Raiders halves, Mitchell says that his brother has probably looked at that, and thought it best that he consider a move away from the nation’s capital.

“I think that’s what he mainly looked at with all the young halves Canberra has got, he just thought it’s probably the way to go,” Cornish said.

“I’ve always said that if someone was going to play first-grade out of me and him, it’ll be him.”

“He’s not a freak talent-wise like Anthony Milford, but in the long run, his work ethic will get him to first-grade – I have no doubt about that.

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