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For rugby league to truly thrive, developing rugby league nations also have to thrive, and RL in the Philippines has achieved just that – as Philippines Airline (PAL), agree to a 2-year sponsorship deal with the Philippines National Rugby League (PNRL).

It was the work of Assistant Coach Mark De Ubago and Mr. Arnul Pan from PAL, that got the sponsorship deal over the line – one that gives Filipino rugby league an added boost, as well as overcoming the next major hurdle.

The PNRL is pleased to have such an iconic local brand supporting their sport and their team, with the ultimate goal being to continue to grow both the sport and the team’s brand, across the world.

The news comes just 11 days before the first ever rugby league international for the Filipino side, against Thailand.

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  1. Guys i got the game on ps3, loving it and such a reefshing change from rugby08 just a few questions Rugby dollars? is their only purpose to purchase the videos and pictures in the rugby store?You cant run the no8 off a scrum can you?Winning an opposition lineout is all up to luck? You cant see what pod they are going?Thanks

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