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It would never be an easy decision, but when a club wants to look to the future, it is one that has to be done – and for the Sydney Roosters, they have made the decision to sack Chief Executive Officer Steve Noyce, effective immediately.

After 4 years in the position, both Noyce and the Chairman of the Roosters Nick Politis, agreed that it was the best thing to officially part ways.

Politis is grateful for the work that Noyce has done for the club over the last 4 years, including a grand final performance under his tenure as CEO in 2010.

“Stephen is a hard working man of great integrity and honour, and his work over the past 4 years has set our club up to move forward in a very solid position” commented Mr Politis.

The sacking of Noyce sees a restructure in the Roosters off-field matters – with a new senior management plan and organisational structure to be implemented, focusing on the organisation itself and the Commercial/Marketing side of things.

In the redefined role of Chief Operating Officer, Brian Canavan will return to the Roosters to fill that position, and he will oversee the entire football side of things, including assisting new coach Trent Robinson where needed and applicable.

Canavan will also monitor all the strategies and implementations of the high performance systems from the NRL all the way down to junior levels – as well as assisting Peter O’Sullivan, the Roosters Recruitment Manager with new players.

“Brian is the most experienced football administrator in the country and his return to the club he loves is a major coup. He will add the knowledge and crucial systems to the football department that is required in the modern game for ultimate success” said club Chairman Nick Politis.

Ted Helliar, who is the Roosters General Manager of Marketing, will move into the role of Chief Operating Officer Commercial, and will be in charge of overseeing all things at the club to do with: marketing, brand, membership, media, events and any other digital interests.

“Ted has proved himself over the last year not only as a passionate club man, but a shrewd operator and negotiator having brought major sponsors to the club including Isuzu Utes,, VB and Opel Australia on multi year deals, securing much of our financial stability. Ted and Brian will form a powerful administrative team that will take the Roosters into the future – this is the birth of a new era” commented Politis.

In one final change for the Roosters, they welcome back Craig Walker as the new Physical Performance Manager, who has been at the New Zealand Warriors for the last 6 years, after serving as a member of the Roosters training staff from 1993-2005.

“It’s great to be coming home” said Walker on his return to the club.

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