With the retirement of Ben Hornby, a decision will have to made on who will be the next captain of the St George Illawarra Dragons – but one player has received glowing endorsements from two former greats of the club.

The man that a lot of fans and former players prefer, is Ben Creagh, who should he get the job, will be tasked the job of leading a relatively young side overall onto the field.

Creagh, who is one of the more experienced players at the club, following the retirements of both Ben Hornby and Dean Young – with former Dragons captain Trent Barrett backing Creagh for the role.

“Things are going to be tough for the Dragons but Benny Creagh is the perfect man to lead them through it,” Barrett said.

“Ben's attitude, his passion, the way he carries himself and his efforts in games and at training … it all ensures he warra

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nts the position.

“The captaincy will sit well with him because not only is he happy to speak his mind, what he's done in the past, both on and off the field, has earned him the role. There isn't anything he needs to change going forward.”

He is not the only former Dragons player to get behind Creagh for the role, with utility Shaun Timmins also agreeing that Creagh is the right man for the role.

“Ben has a massive challenge ahead of him because there's a real changing of the guard at the club right now,” Timmins said.

“But he's already established himself as a leader, so this is the obvious next step.

“The guy is a lot tougher than he gets credit for. I know Benny copped a bit for that stuff in Origin a few years ago, but he plays hard, trains hard.

“He's also studying a university degree. Younger players notice stuff like that, how he manages to put in despite having so much on, and respect him for it.”


By ricky