After much debate, and much discussion about the new direction of rugby league in Australia under the Australian Rugby League Commission – the ARLC has today released a 5-year plan outlining their strategies and principles for the future of the game in Australia.

Using the slogan, 'The Greatest Game Of All', the new plan ensures a continuous commitment towards a plethora of exciting, exuberant and out of this world rugby league performances, all whilst giving fans the greatest entertainment of all – to watch rugby league.

With their strategic forecast now set out, their plans come 2017 include:

• An NRL Growth Fund will have made $200m available for investment in key projects.
• Club membership will reach 400,000.
• Rugby League social media platforms will engage 5.8m people.
• Average attendance at NRL games will increase to 20,000.
• 700,000 people will play in competitions.
• 1.8m will be engaged in NRL

community programs.
• 1.65m will take part in Rugby League activities.
• 84% of all NRL players will be engaged in education or career training.
• Central revenue will have doubled to more than $300m.

With the new logo to be introduced across rugby league in its entirety, across all development programs, with all logos from from national and state competitions to incorporate the new logo, as part of a significant change for the game.

The whole purpose of the both the plan and the brand strategy is to ensure that everyone can identify their place in the game and work to a common goal,” Australian Rugby League Commission Chairman, Mr John Grant, said today.

“Underpinning each aspect of the Game Plan are strategic goals backed by detailed operational plans and budgets that the Commission will review on an ongoing basis.

“It is a fundamental change in the way the game does business and in the way it connects with people from regional Australia to the grassroots everywhere, and to the elite competitions.”


By ricky