It started out as a day of enjoyment and recreation at the Queanbeyan Races, but it quickly turned sour, as Canberra Raiders Chairman John McIntyre collapsed, and was taken to Queanbeyan Hospital in an ambulance, where he is now in a stable condition.

Whilst merely taken there as an additional precaution, paramedics tended to McIntyre, after he fell ill whilst enjoying yesterday's meet


He had enough left wit left in the tank, however, when he gave friends his winning ticket, after God's Reward won the race.

McIntyre himself says that he is fine, and all the test being undertaken are merely precautionary.

“It's just the aftermath of some flu that I picked up overseas,” said McIntyre.

“I was just at the races and one of [Cleary's] racing family called the medicos, and they thought they'd better take me to the hospital and have a check-up. It's nothing drastic.”


By ricky