It went on for longer than we had all anticipated, and the end result was something a bit unexpected, perhaps – but Gold Coast Titans half Scott Prince has made the decision to sign a 2-year deal with the Brisbane Broncos.

This will not be the first time Prince has played for Brisbane, having played 29 games over a period of three years, from 2001 to 2003.

Prince now rejoins the Broncos after 10 years, following stints with the Tigers, his debut years with the Cowboys, and his last club, the Titans.

With the Broncos initially showing no interest in Prince, things changed when coach Anthony Griffin was asked as to whether the club would be interested in pursuing the veteran halfback.

“Over the weekend, I got asked the question whether we'd be interested in Scott Prince because he'd been released by the Titans, so when that opportunity came up and the terms that have come up for us financially and Scott's attitude, I thought it'd be something that would make our club better,” said Griffin.

Prince, who still had one year left to run on his contract with the Titans, was formally given a release by the Titans earlier today – which included a severance package to the Broncos, enabling them to secure Prince's services.

“The deal for us isn't about money and I can say for Scott, that isn't about money,” said Griffin.

“If it was about money, we could never have gotten involved, so it's comfortably within our cap and we're not moving anyone – so you&

#039;d have to speak to the Titans about their end and their deal.”

With both Ben Hunt and Corey Norman off-contract at the end of next year, speculation is growing about their respective futures, and whether they have one at the Broncos.

“We weren't in the market, we weren't looking, and we were comfortable with our list, but when the opportunity arose, I spoke with Scott – and the thing I spoke with Scott about, was that I didn't want him coming here, if he was coming to retire,” said Griffin.

“He could have earned a bucket-load more money in England for a longer period of time and I actually put that to him – I probably tried to chase him away the first time I spoke to him.”

“Over the period of a couple days, he came back and said he wanted the opportunity, so we've followed up on it.”

The arrival of Prince undoubtedly result in a shake-up in the playing roster, with speculation already beginning about who will have to make way to accommodate Prince in the line-up.

“I'm going to worry about that in March, but the thing I can tell you about Scott, is that he starts from number 25 – I'm happy with the guys we got here,” said Griffin.

“He wanted that challenge, so I wouldn't have replaced anyone we've got here for him. He wants to take up that challenge and I think by him doing that, it makes us all a bit stronger, makes the competition healthy, and makes them work harder for their spots.”

“There's obviously a couple of negatives with it, some people will feel uncomfortable – but I don't think that's a bad thing at the moment.”


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