He is one of the best modern centres in the game at the moment, but for veteran Brisbane Broncos back Justin Hodges, he has one ambition in mind heading into the 2013 season – to play fullback.

Hodges, who is looking to emulate similar success from the back like Greg Inglis has for South Sydney, wants to move to the back in order to help the Broncos end their string of poor seasons, and challenge for a premiership in 2013.

Despite signing Titans half Scott Prince just two games ago, the club is still searching for a player that can change the game, with Hodges keen to do that from the back.

With many fans in the past calling for Hodges to move to the back, given his success in the position at times that he has played there – fans would be happy

to see the transition, but it would spell the end for Josh Hoffman at fullback.

It was back in 2006 when Hodges last played from the back regularly, and coincidentally, that coincided with their premiership victory in that year – and Hodges thinks a move to the back, can lead to a title challenge from Brisbane.

“I've always played fullback when I was younger and it was something I always enjoyed,” Hodges said.

“You get to pop up wherever you want and you get more free rein than when out in the centres where you're sort of limited to the right side.

“That is why I started a bit early, to try and get a bit fitter and hopefully I will get a chance. Last year was a big disappointment, we started well but finished so poorly and obviously there's still a lot fire burning about so I wanted to get back and start early, get fit and get ready to go next year.”


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