For some players, making a transition from rugby union to rugby league or the other way around is never easy, but for Mark O’Dare, that is exactly what he plans to do – joining the Gold Coast Titans 2013 training squad.

For the former rugby union player, who posted a home-made video of his best moments in the rival code, was given a chance by the Titans, as he looks to impress the coaches and training staff during the Titans trial games.

“Basically, I put my rugby highlights on Youtube of my junior years playing and last year at Sydney University, and basically got in contact with the club and I was fortunate enough to come up here to get an opportunity and have a go,” said O'Dare.

O'Dare is no stranger to the game of rugby league, having played when he was younger, but it was his private school life that led him down the path of union.

“I started playing rugby league when I was little, but I was fortunate enough to go to a private school down in Sydney and transferred to rugby union over there,” said O' Dare.

“When I first started it was a bit d

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ifficult to learn the rules, and the aspect of kicking, but I've always liked rugby league – the running and stuff like that – the contact, physical side which is always good.”

With a potential long-term spot in the Titans side on the line, O'Dare will have the opportunity to stake his claim and prove his mettle to the club's coaching staff, with the union convert expected to see game-time during the Titans trial games.

“It's one of my goals [to play in the Titans side] – basically to train to see how I go and it's up to Carty [John Cartwright] and Murph to see whether they put me in, and I'll try as hard as I can in the trial,” said O'Dare.

Fitness is a key part of any league player, and at the early stages of the Titans pre-season, it is O'Dare who is among the top players so far.

“It's a lot of running and a lot of k's, so today we did about 8k's -it's a lot of running drills,” said O'Dare.

“Just the weights routine is making me stronger, faster, bigger and more powerful and my skill set's starting to get up there from the skills – I'm learning a lot from Carty and Murph, so it's good.”


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