At one stage, things looked promising for Polish rugby league as they were on the way to playing their first ever international game against Hungary.

How quickly things can change, however, as the Polish rugby league have had to officially call off what would have been their first international rugby league game, due to a lack of funding.

“We've had to cancel the trip to Hungary, and are likely to take another look at this issue next year,” said Lukasz Lucka, who is the man behind the push for rugby league in Poland.

“The team are pretty disappointed, and it's not good for morale. We really need a game to keep up the players' motivation for training.”

With only one full-time rugby league side currently in Poland, the

Lodz Magpies, the plan was to play an international game against Hungary, made up of mostly players from the Lodz side.

With rugby league expanding across Europe and the Pacific Islands, the lack of funding for Polish rugby league is a blow to their view of the sport flourishing across the country, both on a national and international level.

Despite all this, however, Lucka says that Polish rugby league is formulating new ideas to immerse themselves in the international rugby league world and culture.

“We are now eyeing a trip in February, and there's a chance we could go to Italy,” says Lucka.

“But that's still far away and no final decision has been made.”

Despite the game against Hungary cancelled due to a lack of funds, Polish rugby league is remaining optimistic about finding both local and international sponsors.


By ricky