Players do not generally aim to leave a club in such a manner, but when extentuating circumstances are at the forefront, much like they were in the case of talented Titans winger Jack Goodsell, contract disputes are had, resulting in the player's departure.

In this case, it was a contract dispute with the Titans, that saw Goodsell ultimately depart the club and sign on with the Sydney Roosters for the next two seasons.

His departure comes following claims that the Titans failed to pay a required fee of $1800 to the Queensland Rugby League, that resulted in Goodsell's grandmother having to pay the amount, in order to have her grandson play for Queensland and the Australian Schoolboys team back in July.

With Goodsell compared to Broncos great Michael Hancock, the incident has left Goodsell's mother Kim, far from impressed.

“The Titans let us down badly,” Goodsell's mum Kim said.

The saga lingered on, with Ms Goodsell saying that it was only after she approached salary cap auditor Ian Schubert that the club paid the amount required, allowing for the release of Goodsell to the Roosters.

“I saw the way the Titans treated Scott Prince and I wasn't going to let the club treat my son like that,” Ms Goodsell said.

“Jack wasn't being treated well by the Titans and he can't be happier to be with the Roosters, they have been fantastic and so professional.

“There was no way I wanted him to miss out on playing for Queensland so we paid the $1800 out of our own pocket, my poor mum had to use her credit card.

“The Titans promised to pay me back but it dragged on and on.

“They were all talk, no action … they only ended up reimbursing me after I went to the NRL and made a complaint to Ian Schubert.”

“As soon as he got involved, I got some action.

“I think it's important to tell this story because I don't want it happening to another kid on the Gold Coast.”

With the club on the back foot once again following the Scott Prince saga, Scott Clark, the Titans Football Manager, defended the way the club handled the situation.

“The Queensland fee was paid slightly late, but we have since sorted the situation out,” he said. “I'm a bit dismayed as to what their gripe is because I met with them a month ago and I felt we parted on good terms.”

“We didn't have to release Jack but we did so because of his welfare. I suspect the Roosters offered Jack a good deal but we wish him all the best.”

For Goodsell himself, he is just pleased that the ongoing ordeal is finalised and over, paving the way for him to represent the Roosters at the Under-20's level, something he looks forward to doing.

“I was hoping to play for the Titans next year but it felt to me like they weren't interested,” he said.

The Roosters themselves are excited to have Goodsell on board, with the club's Recruitment Co-Ordinator Jamie Mathiou excited to have the young talent on board.

“We're very excited about him, he's one of the best kids on the Gold Coast,” he said.

“He has the potential to be anything. He is very raw but he has great athleticism.

“He reminds me a lot of Michael Hancock in the way he plays, he's very tough and physical, he doesn't shirk the tough stuff for an outside back and Hancock was a lot like that.

“With the development our kids are getting at the Roosters, Jack will really benefit from it.”


By ricky