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Leaders of any club or organisation know when the right time is to step aside, and for Wests Tigers Chairman David Trodden, now is that time – with Trodden stepping down from his role as club chairman

Trodden, who was approaching the end of his current term, cited the need for change and board renewal, as one of the reasons behind his decision.

It was eight years ago when Trodden took over the role, but in his eyes, it was the right time to step down to allow a new era at the Tigers to begin.

“I hold a view that it is healthy for any organisation to have regular reinvigoration by bringing new people into leadership positions with fresh ideas and enthusiasm,’’ Mr Trodden said.

“In my view, as much as I have a very strong emotional attachment to my Club, no one person owns senior board positions at the Club and everyone has an obligation to make sure that the Club has access to new people and new perspectives.

“With the ARLC structure bedded down, the new funding arrangements for NRL Clubs flowing from the League’s broadcast rights deal in place, the decision to field one combined Wests Tigers team in next season’s NSW Cup competition and the appointment of a new NRL coach, our Club is entering a new era. Now is the appropriate time for me to step aside from the role.”

Trodden, who is proud of his tenure as the Tigers Chairman, believes that football proceeds and not Leagues Club grants, is where money should come from.

We have positioned the business to the point where it can be taken to the next level, so it’s appropriate to look at reinvigorating the Board leadership,’’ he said.

“I’m extremely proud of all that the Club has achieved over the past 10 years. It’s been an incredible privilege to have been involved with Wests Tigers as Chairman.

“The obvious highlights were the 2005 NRL Premiership and this year’s Toyota Cup Premiership.

“The greatest personal legacy for me will be the wonderful friendships I have been able to develop with a really special group of people in a really special Club.”

In the mean-time, following Trodden's departure, Mr Nick DiGirolamo has been nominated by the Balmain Tigers to assume the role of Chairman for the remainder of the term.

“Whilst the appointment was unexpected, it is one I am very proud and privileged to accept.
David Trodden has been an outstanding Chairman at Wests Tigers over many years and is someone who is held in the highest esteem by his peers across the game,’’ Mr DiGirolamo said.

“He has been instrumental in developing this Club into what it is today. Beyond David’s tireless work for Wests Tigers, he has also played an integral role in the establishment of the NRL Clubs Council and has represented all NRL Clubs with great distinction in key strategic discussions with the Australian Rugby League Commission.

“Both of the Wests Tigers shareholder groups, the Balmain Tigers and the Wests Group, sincerely thank David for the significant contribution he has made to Wests Tigers.”


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