Jim Doyle

The world of rugby league sees players and officials changing, and this case is no different, as Jim Doyle, the former New Zealand Rugby League CEO, has joined the ARLC to review rugby league pathways from the NYC level to the NSW Cup.

Doyle, who held the NZRL CEO position for three years, is a former businessman and was chosen as the man to take charge of an independent assessment of all things pathways across several rugby league levels.

Shane Mattiske, the NRL Interim Chief Executive, views the move as a perfect opportunity to utilise the skills of an astute administrator in NRL planning.

“Jim’s achievement over the last three years in New Zealand has been simply outstanding.

“He has an incredible business background, a love of Rugby League and a proven track record in both grassroots development and high performance management.

“Importantly, he is a good listener who is able to bring a fresh perspective to a fundamentally important area of the game.”

Doyle himself is looking forward to the role, one that he will begin in the new year and based out of New Zealand, in order to assist all business and community programs for the NRL in New Zealand.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to be involved with the NRL and to assist in identifying strategic investment areas,” Mr Doyle said.

“For me, the key has been about getting alignment between the leagues and the competitions in a way that allows everyone to push in the one direction.

“Rugby League is full of passionate people and great competitions, and the object of this review will be to ensure that they are aligned in a way that means each strengthens the other.

“My role will be to identify the undoubted strengths of what is in place but also to identify the opportunities, and it is a really exciting project that will give people a real chance to provide input into the sport’s development.”


By ricky