In this day and age of sport, as more and more clubs look to secure their future via foreign owners and major shareholders – English rugby league side, the Featherstone Rovers have done just that, with Faisal Nahaboo, founder of UK marketing and accountancy company Probiz, set to become the club’s major shareholder.

As a result, with a six-figure cash injection for the club now guaranteed, it outlines their Superleague ambitions for the future, with the additional money to spent on developing their stadium, strengthening the squad and further developing and expanding the youth structures and systems at the club.

Nahaboo, who is excited to be involved with the club, has set his ambitions high and is pushing hard for Featherstone to soon become not only a team in the Superleague, but one that can perform well every year.

“We are the best outside Super League and I now intend to compete with the very best clubs in the UK,” said Nahaboo.

“The funds are now there to build one of the best squads in rugby league and we will endeavour to spend and help improve stadium facilities over the next few months.

“We will build together in a sustainable fashion and we will show the world how we can have a say in UK sport and become a top-six rugby league side.

“A consortium will follow my move and I expect Featherstone Rovers to be a dominant force in rugby league in years to come.”

Mark Campbell, the Featherstone Chairman, is also pleased with the move, praising Nahaboo’s commitment, as well as shifting the club’s focus to obtaining a Superleague licence.

“This commitment from Feisal shows how far we have come as a club and business in the last few years,” said Campbell.

“Everyone at Featherstone Rovers is now focused on our aim to secure a place in Super League at the end of the current licensing period.

“With this huge investment and Feisal’s commitment to underwrite that, the club will spend up to the salary cap on entry to Super League and throughout a three-year licence, I really think this will make us a viable asset to Super League.”

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