When you think of Russia, the last thing you would associate them with would be rugby league – but in a fantastic boost for the sport in the country, the Rugby League European Federation has granted Russia full membership status.

This comes after Russian officials involved with rugby league have worked tirelessly for 12 months, in a bid to get the sport to become more popular in the country, with their work culminating into this announcement – full membership status.

The RLEF were delighted to make the announcement, with Chairman Maurice Watkins looking forward to the continued growth of rugby league in Russia as well as the continued growth of the rugby league organization in the country.

“I have great pleasure in confirming the Association of Rugby League Club’s elevation to Full Member status. On behalf of the RLEF Board I would like thank the Association of Rugby League Club’s for your application and look forward to working with the organization to facilitate further growth in Russia and across the RLEF’s territories collectively,” said Watkins.

We will endeavour to work with Association of Rugby League Club’s to meet our objectives of ever-increasing participation numbers and strengthening our member organisations.”

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