Brett Seymour

It is the kind of story that no-one wants to hear about in the world of rugby league, but it is an issue that a lot of players have dealt with the in the past, present and future – one that many players will have to overcome during their careers.

In this particular instance, it involves former NRL half, Brett Seymour who is now at English Super League side Hull FC.

Cleared of serious injury and discharged from hospital after being involved in a car crash, a crash that saw his BMW hit two parked vehicles before flipping onto its roof – it was only after his wife Roseanne presented a particularly disturbing picture, based on the current events.

His wife said that Seymour was suffering from depression, even suggesting that he may have been trying to take his own life – she even created a Facebook group to wish her husband a quick recovery.

“I’m suffering from severe shock that my husband was so desperate and could attempt such a horrific thing,” said Roseanne.

“He is getting the help he needs and your support has helped greatly.

“Depression is a silent killer – I want each and every one of you to know that we feel so grateful to you.”

Following the incident, the 28-year old has been placed on leave by Hull FC as a result, in what has been a rather tumultuous time for Seymour – dealing with issues as well as being dropped for poor form.

With the rehabilitation process for Seymour set to begin, he and his wife Roseanne have gone away for a few days, with Seymour being offered everything he needs – with counselling being offered and his team-mates showing a great deal of support by visiting him in hospital and his home with their wives, some even cooking meals for him.

It was back on Monday morning when Hull FC coach Peter Gentle and his team-mates first heard about the incident, fearing life-threatening injuries – and whilst the club coach is saddened by the news and wants to see Seymour get well, he wasn’t about to give answers to Roseanne’s comments on her husband.

“I’ve heard about Roseanne’s comments but I’m not here to give answers to them,” said Gentle.

“We are a tight group and when one of our players is injured or has problems, it affects everyone. We genuinely care about each other.

“We had reports coming through and there was rumour and speculation but some of the things we heard were a mile off what actually happened.

“We were able to keep the players informed as a group that Brett had been in an accident but was OK.

“All the players got round to see him and will continue to support him and I’ve had a couple of conversations with him.

“We are looking after Brett and will continue to do that.”

As his career hangs in the balance, Gentle is hopeful that Seymour can eventually make a successful recovery to the football field.

“I would like to think he’d still be involved but at the moment rugby league is probably the furthest thing from his mind.

“His health and well being is paramount to the club. We are just there to give him plenty of support.”

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