Some may have expected the move whilst others may be disappointed by it, but it has happened – with Cronulla Sharks Chairman Damian Irvine confirming that he will stand down from the role, with Glenn Coleman to take his place.

Coleman, who has been on the Board of Directors since the beginning of the year, actually played for the Sharks at one stage during his NRL career – playing in a total of 216 RL games and 123 for the Sharks over an 11-year period.

Coleman is based in Cronulla and is well equipped to handle the role of Chairman, as he holds a number of senior positions in a few successful businesses.

For Coleman, he was indebted to the work and development Irvine gave and supplied to the club and says that he will be missed and the work he did will not be easily forgotten.

“The board has thanked Damian for his life-long contribution to the Sharks and wish to publicly acknowledge his wholehearted efforts during his four years as Chairman,” said Coleman.

“Damian’s time in the Chairmanship was characterised by selfless commitment, enormous dedication and an infectious passion and vision for the team and the Club.

“Critically, he oversaw the achievement of the property approvals which will result in a $400 million development on Club-owned land. The Club’s share of this development will ensure its financial security and has already resulted in a $10 million reduction in debt.

“Damian’s single-minded determination has always been to act in the best interests of the players and this Club. He has kept fighting for the Sharks when others said it was too tough.

“Anyone who knows how hard the football Club has had to battle over recent years will recognise and appreciate what Damian has done for the Cronulla Sharks.”

It may not be the last we see of Irvine, however, with the now former Chairman keen to nominate himself for a Director’s role in the upcoming April elections – as Coleman looks forward to the exciting new chapter he is set to embark upon.

“This Club and this area have been very good to me over many years and I intend to bring all of my energy and resolve to the role of Chairman,” Mr Coleman said.

“This is obviously a challenging period, but the Board and I remain fully committed to acting in the best interests of the welfare of our players, our Club and our members and supporters.

“We also look forward to working closely and productively with Bruno Cullen, our new interim CEO, in the days and weeks ahead.”

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