Romeo Monteith

In what is a tremendous boost for rugby league in the region, Trinidad and Tobago’s rugby league association has become just the second Caribbean nation to be recognised by the country’s Ministry of Sport.

Founder and President Chad Simeon said that the TTRLA are thrilled with the announcement and is excited at the potential growth for rugby league in the region in years to come.

“March 1st, 2013 marked a momentous occasion for the TTRLA,” said founder and president Chad Simeon.

“The TTRLA is honoured and is very optimistic about the momentum rugby league will gain here as a result.”

Another person thrilled with the announcement, was Kingston-based Caribbean RL Development Manager, Romeo Monteith – who is hopeful that this will convince other countries in the region to take up the game of rugby league.

This augurs well for the continued development of rugby league in the region and we certainly hope more countries will take up the game,” said Monteith.

“We envisage a fierce rivalry to follow between Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago at the Caribbean level and expect the TTRLA to eventually face our rugby league friends in Canada and the USA.”

The news may get better in future also, with Caribbean nations Guyana and St Lucia also interested in introducing rugby league to their countries.

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