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Like any rugby league competition, you never know what sort of results you are going to see and with the continual process of expanding, fine-tuning and ensuring you have an elite rugby league competition, the key is making sure that you have competitive teams across the board.

In the Super League, at least in the 2013 season, RFL Chief Executive Nigel Wood believes the current season has been the most competitive Super League season ever, with many surprising results taking place not only in the last week of games, but across the season.

To illustrate the closer competitive nature of the competition, the gap between first placed Wigan and last placed Castleford is just 10 points, the smallest margin since the first Super League competition in 1996.

Not to mention the seven drawn games this season, with Wood describing the year as “the most compelling and memorable year.”

“The Good Friday programme demonstrated why rugby league is the best team sport in the world,” said Wood.

“The skills on show in both Super League and the Kingstone Press Championships were simply outstanding and the actions and outcomes suggest we are entering our best season to date.

“The average winning margin in Super League and the Championships was less than 10 points this weekend, when we have also witnessed what in the past might have been considered surprise results. That is no longer the case.”

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