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Bradford won the game, but the biggest message that their coach Francis Cummins wants them to take out of it, is any lesson they can, after they produced a patchy performance in a win over Salford.

Pleased with his side’s efforts in some parts of the game, Cummins also gave praise to the Salford side, with his side’s defence a key at crucial times.

“We went a long time without the ball but that was all credit to Salford who picked themselves up well at half time,” he said.

“We defended really well against them but you can’t come out of a bog after defending three sets and try to come up with big plays – you have to play a bit more conservatively, think about field position and get yourselves back in the game.

“You have to earn the right to play and we were perhaps a little bit naive during that spell.

“Eventually, we went back to what we were doing in the first half and turned them around, trading set for set, and when we did that we looked really good.

“If we find ourselves in that position again, next time I hope we can handle it a little bit better. They have worked really hard and I can’t be disappointed.”

When it came to effort, Salford’s interim coach Alan Hunte could not fault his side, but admitted that when it counted, Bradford’s key players just had too much class and that was what won them the game.

“They handled the game smarter than we did in the first half – their kicking game through (Jarrod) Sammut and (Danny) Addy was outstanding whereas we had a couple of kicks that went close but dead and that relieved the pressure valve,” said Hunte.

“Sammut and Addy were probably their most dangerous weapon. But I’ve got to commend my guys for their effort, especially in the second half.

“In reality, I think it was a bit closer than the final score suggest.”

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