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Losing a derby game is never a good feeling and at times, it can be hard to bounce back from it – but for Hull FC coach Peter Gentle, he was pleased his side bounced back in the manner they did, as they defeated the Wakefield Wildcats 34-22.

It looked like another loss may have been on the cards at one stage, as Hull FC trailed 10-0 early on, but it was debutant fullback Jamie Shaul who led the way and guided the Black and Whites to half-time with the scores equal, before coming out with a full-time victory.

“We’ve all worked hard for it. We’re disappointed from the other day,” Gentle said.

“Hopefully this helps appease our fans to a certain degree, it won’t replace won’t happened the other day but the significance of losing the derby wasn’t lost on us.

“I’m not relieved, just proud. We have been lacking a little of self-belief, I think you saw that grew as the game went on.

“We’ve been guilty of playing not to lose and we spoke about playing to win and the confidence grew on the back of a very good kicking game in the second half and you saw us evolve as a team there this afternoon.”

With Shaul the standout, Gentle says it was the right time to bring him in, given he was training well and doing what was asked of him.

“It was a good game to bring him in on the Easter Monday. He’s been back in training for a week and a half now,” Gentle said of the 20-year-old.

“He’s come off a slight knee injury, he’s been doing very well in training and we had an opportunity today to play him and he was never going to let anyone down.

“It was great to be able to give him the debut.”

On the flip side, Wakefield coach Richard Agar noticed that his side was getting fatigued towards the end of the game and lamented their play, with his team looking a bit lazy at times.

“I think we looked a little bit tired and flat at times. We started the game okay but we went through periods of looking a little bit tired, which was surprising,” said Gentle.

“It wasn’t an overly fast-paced game and it was a very stop-start affair.

“The over-riding feeling is that we’ve beaten ourselves and gifted too many points to them in what probably should have been a tight game, the way both teams were playing.

“We’ve handed too many opportunities on a plate for them that they didn’t really have to earn that much.”

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