Developing and enhancing their practices, techniques and players is something that the Fijian National Rugby League have always thrived on, and in this case, it is no different – with the FNRL keen to get some top trainers and assistants into their ranks, as they prepare for the World Cup later this year.

One such player in their sights, is dual international Wise Kativerata, who is in Fiji conducting clinics at numerous venues around the country to boost the profile of rugby league.

Although yet to secure his services for such a role, the FNRL are currently working on it, with General Manager Tomi Finau keen to have it finalised, believing that with Kativerata on board, Fijian rugby league can go to the next level.

“On one side he has the experience since he is a former Fiji Bati and he has played in the National Rugby League,” Finau said.

“Another thing is that he has the qualifications and the understanding of what needs to be done to train and prepare a high profile team,” he said.

With the likelihood that a number of NRL players will be joining the Fijian ranks for the World Cup, Finau said that it is imperative they get someone who is in regular contact with the players and someone they know.

“Wise has been there all this time, in constant contact with them and knows a lot about them (NRL players).

“It is important to get the right personnel to look after the training needs of the players, medically and physically.”

In what will soon be another boost for Fijian rugby league, the FNRL is close to confirming as to who their next manager will be, with an announcement on the appointment to come next week.

“We concluded the interviews earlier this week and will have a board meeting tomorrow (today) to discuss the matter so an announcement would be made next week,” Finau said.

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