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Depending on which coach you ask, the game would be very different, as the Canterbury Bulldogs overcame a slow start against the New Zealand Warriors to win 24-16 in New Zealand.

Warriors coach Matthew Elliott was left disappointed by the performance of the referees, particularly one instance whereby in his mind, his side should have received a penalty for fullback Glen Fisiiahi being taken out of the play.

“It hit him on top of the head. There’s no way he was ever looking at the ball, he was looking at the player,” Elliott said.

“I think it’s an appalling decision.”

Elliott was left that disappointed, that he wants to talk directly to NRL referees boss Daniel Anderson about the decision.

“What you’ve got to do, I’ve learned, is that you’ve got to be the squeaky wheel,” he said.

“Doing the correspondence and sending the stuff over and getting the stuff back – what happens is that you become easy to handle.

“I could be bitter and twisted but it (decisions against the Warriors) feels pretty consistent to me.

“From forward passes to other calls, rule interpretations changing – it feels consistent.”

It was not easy going for the Dogs and coach Des Hasler was well aware of that fact.

“It was – when you break it down, we gave them a 16-0 head-start and were probably guilty of coming up with some early errors,” said Hasler.

“When you get on the wrong side of an early penalty count which makes the momentum go their way, you pay the price for it.”

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