MacGraff Leuluai

We all know of the Leuluai brothers in rugby league and one playing for Widnes in the English Super League, MacGraff, has re-signed with the Widnes Vikings for a further two seasons.

With his brother Thomas currently playing for the New Zealand Warriors in the NRL and his father James a former New Zealand international, the Leuluai family was born to play rugby league.

It was back as an 18-year old when playing for Leigh that Leuluai caught the attention of the Widnes club, before moving to the club in 2011 where he has enjoyed consistency and success since the move.

A committed player, Leuluai is pleased to be staying at the club and will make the most of the opportunity.

“I’m happy to sign for another two years at Widnes. Individually and as a team, we are working hard and learning each day,” said Leuluai.

“By the end of this contract, I will have been in this country for 7 years, which is definitely longer than I ever thought I’d be here. I came over initially to live with my brother, and to have at a crack at making a success of it as a player. I’m still enjoying my time over here and I’m excited and pleased to have been offered the opportunity to stay at the club.

“I’ve got a lot more growing to do and I’m really looking forward to doing this, in a Widnes jersey.

“It’s a good time to be at the club and the only way is up for us. We’ve progressed massively from last year and if we continue to do that at a similar rate, then we will certainly be there or thereabouts over the next couple of years cheapest electronic cigarette.”

The club is equally excited to have retained Leuluai, with the player one that the club knows is committed and will give it is all every game.

“This contract extension is a really good indication of the continued hard work that is going on at the club,” said Widnes coach Denis Betts.

“Macgraff joined us from the Championship, played a big part in our Championship team and from the day he first arrived, he has always displayed a willingness to work hard.

“Now that he’s got a good number of Super League games under his belt, he is really starting to blossom. He has a much better understanding of the top-flight competition, and his effort levels and his ability are shining through because he’s used to playing at that level now.

Although MacGraff might not be the flashiest player nor the biggest, it is his commitment and heart that Betts values in him as a player.

“Rewarding somebody like Macgraff who has taken and made the most of, an opportunity that was offered to him, was an easy decision to reach. He knows his place in this team and is well aware of exactly what his role is. He enjoys the company of his team-mates and is a valued member of the group,” said Betts.

“What people don’t see with Macgraff is how big his heart is. He might not look as big as some of the other blokes, but I can assure you, he tackles and runs the ball as hard as anybody else on the pitch.

“Given his young age, there is still so much more to come from him and I am really pleased that he has made the decision to remain at the club.”

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