Sonny Bill Williams

The talk should be about the Roosters recording another victory, but instead it is all about Sonny Bill Williams and whether or not he will be suspended for what the referees deemed a shoulder charge, one that saw the Roosters back-rower put on report.

In an incident that saw SBW floor Willie Mason, it left fans divided – but for Roosters coach Trent Robinson, he made his views clear on the matter.

To him, it was not a shoulder charge and he is not expecting any sort of sanction against his star player.

“That arm is sort of separated from the side so it’s not a shoulder charge,” Robinson said.

“Obviously he hit him high so that is probably the worry. The arm has to be tucked into the side and there’s a separation between the arm and the body. That’s not a shoulder charge.”

Having already been suspended once earlier this year and left with 56 carryover points, any guilty plea or failure to successfully fight a charge at the judiciary, will see him suspended for at least a week.

The player on the receiving end of the shot in Willie Mason, who is renowned as a hard-line player, says he would not have stayed down had it been bad and admits he felt rattled.

Mason later left the field with what appears to be a torn calf.

“I am not the sort of bloke, in my whole career of 13 or 14 years to stay down,” said Mason.

“He hit me with Buy Cialis a shoulder to the head if you look through my whole career it’s a pretty hard head to knock out.

“But we’ll see what happens. The judiciary can take care of that.

“His tackling technique in the mid 2000s that would be legal. But now it’s illegal and now it’s up to the judiciary.”

The win sees the Roosters cement their position on the ladder – second place – a performance that both pleased Robinson for his side’s work in attack but disappointed him, as he admitted that his side’s discipline must improve.

“We were pretty happy, the boys were pretty excited about that,” he said.

“We knew they couldn’t break our defence so they opted for the two points. That was pretty good on our behalf.”
There was an unusual decision made by the Knights to opt for two points with four potential points on offer, but veteran Newcastle Knights coach Wayne Bennett defended the decision.

“I thought we were losing our way. I just thought someone should have went to the sin-bin, first and foremost, for repeated infringements,” he said.

“It was obviously deliberate and we looked like we were getting pretty frustrated.

“I thought the next thing we’ll do is lose a ball and give a penalty away, so let’s take the two and settle ourselves down.

“We then came back with some really good shape but we threw a forward pass when we looked like we were going to do something.”

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