It has been tough going for Greek rugby league over the last few years as they have hit certain obstacles in their bid to further develop the game in the country but they have now received a boost, with an Athens Magistrate Court approving a submitted application for Federation status and the official formation of a RL federation.

The approval of the Hellenic Rugby League Federation (HRLF) is a huge step forward for rugby league in Greece, with the RLEF also officially granting them Observer status.

With directors needed for the new Federation, the HRLF will hold elections to decide who gets the jobs, with Tasos Pantzidis, the President of the Committee to establish the HRLF, saying this decision will put Greek rugby league on the map.

“Now that the Hellenic volcano electronic cigarettes Federation of Rugby League is recognised by the Greek justice system we can put the sport on the map here,” said Pantazidis.

The approval means their reach will be bigger, able to preach about the game and introduce it on a local level and a national level and with bigger and more exciting things to come, Pantzidis believes that the game is finally moving in the right direction in Greece.

“Both developments will help us to overcome obstacles put in front of us. We now have the possibility to build relations with local and national communities,” said Pantazidis.

“The planned 13-a-side club championship, the national team and the regional cups will all have support.

“I strongly believe that we have entered a new, promising era for rugby league in Greece.”

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