Blake Ferguson

It was something that we could have seen coming, it was merely a question of when – as the Canberra Raiders have confirmed that they have stood down troubled winger Blake Ferguson effective immediately.

It came about after the club attempted to make contact with Ferguson as to why he missed their training session, but after club CEO Don Furner was unable to reach the star centre because he had gone AWOL, the club had no choice but to stand him down.

“We have been left with little choice but to stand Blake down from all playing and training duties, until we find out both why he has missed scheduled training commitments and why he penis enlargement has been drinking whilst injured, which is a clear breach of the Club’s rules,” said Furner.

“Blake will be given the opportunity to explain his actions, and following that he may also be required to front the Board to show cause”.

With a board meeting to take place but no such date confirmed for it as of yet, the Raiders have said they have no intention of making any further comments in the mean-time.

To complicate matters further for Ferguson, he was caught speeding twice by Police whilst driving unlicensed.

Already on thin ice, such issues do not bode well for Ferguson and many call for him to be de-registered by the NRL.

By ricky

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