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Heading into the games, all NRL fans expect the conversation post-game to be about the stellar game in front of them and how the teams performed – not a refereeing blunder.

That is exactly the talking point after the Cronulla Sharks v North Queensland Cowboys game – one that the Sharks won narrowly – with many fans left discontent and disillusioned with the state of refereeing, after the Cronulla Sharks scored a try on the seventh tackle, leaving the Cowboys dudded for a second year in a row.

If you cast your mind back to last year, it was Kieran Foran’s ‘hand of God’ that robbed the Cowboys of a chance in 2012 and in a sign that the Gods are not with them, once again, they faced some tough calls.

It was a blunder that saw NRL CEO Dave Smith forced to apologise, as Cowboys coach Neil Henry suggested a conspiracy against the club.

“How can two men, experienced full-time referees, two touch judges, two blokes up in a video box not be counting,” Henry said.

“We’re all well aware that we had chances in the game after that to make that up – but it astounds me that it happened.

“You expect the players to perform on the biggest stage … well, your referees have got to perform too and they’ve proven a couple of years in row now they’re not up to it.

“It’s embarrassing for the game, and I got that from the top – they’re embarrassed … it doesn’t give us a game next week.”

Henry’s rant continued, as he genuinely believes there is a preconceived view to have an all Sydney final.

“If you were (a believer of) a conspiracy theory, you’d go hang on – they’re so Sydney-centric here, they don’t really care about the boys up north.

“The press talks about the ideal grand final – Souths-Roosters – bring it on.

“Yeah, well we’ve just been dudded of the opportunity to make a dent in this competition.

The incident was downplayed by Sharks captain Paul Gallen, something that would not sit well with irate fans.

“It’s part of the game; the Cowboys didn’t stop trying to defend it,” Gallen said.

“Unfortunate for them – about time we had a bit of luck.”

Despite the controversy, however, the Sharks fought deep when required, though it did appear that Todd Carney’s hamstring gave way again.

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