Lee Radford

Soon after the club parted ways with Peter Gentle, Hull FC have acted swiftly to secure a new coach, with hometown local Lee Radford appointed as the new coach of the club for the next three years.

At just 34 years old, Radford is the youngest coach in the Super League and with an intent to focus on to focus on nurturing the club’s young players, the new coach is keen to instill the correct attitude and work ethic in the players moving forward.

“It’s not a decision that has come easy to me, it’s one that I’ve contemplated and gone over every aspect of it. It’s a massive job and I’m fully aware of that,” said Radford.

“My job is to bring the best out of this playing group and that’s what we’ll be aiming to do. We’ve got a hard-working fan base and working class people within the city, and they want to see that duplicated onto the field.

“That’s something the players are going to have to buy into and if they don’t they won’t be donning the Black and White jersey, it’s as simple as that.”

With the fans placing high expectations on just how far Hull FC can potentially go in a season, Radford knows improvement is needed and that the key to catching up with the elite sides of the Super League, is to ensure consistency.

“Everybody knows the expectations of this club and to achieve that, we’ve got to play a little bit of catch up as from 2006, we’ve consistently been behind four or five clubs. Whenever I’ve ran a race, to catch somebody in front of you you’ve got to go a little bit harder and that’s what we’ve got to do.

“We want to be a power in this competition and to achieve that you need consistency. I’ve got plenty of ideas about how we’re going to achieve that consistency, and I can’t wait to get going.”

There will be a new look coaching staff in general also, with Andy Last moving back into the assistant coaching role and former winger Motu Tony becoming the Football Manager of the club.

For Radford, it is a comfortable feeling, given he knows the two well, as he hopes he has found the right mix of staff to make Hull FC a better side.

“The job Andy’s done over the last two or three years with the youth is unparalleled.

“I got two phone calls from two current Super League coaches whose teams are still in the play-offs and both said your backroom staff is going to be crucial and will play a massive part in what you are trying to do.

“They asked me who was going to be my assistant and when I told them, both said they had both made plays for him recently. It’s a credit to him and a credit to how he is thought of in the game that he is so sought after and has still decided to stay within this club.”

He continued, “I’m fully aware of the job I’m taking with regards to the club from top to bottom. There’ll be no excuses of he’s not my signing or anything like that and everybody who’s in the position they are at the moment I’m very comfortable with.

“One of the advantages we have from being at the club so long is that we’ve got a good understand of what works for the club and what doesn’t. We’ll take a look at the things that do and look to implement those moving forward.”

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