Exposure and gaining awareness for your side is imperative and for the Welsh rugby league side, they have welcomed Pr1mo Energy on board, as they start to shape their Rugby League World Cup campaign.

With the Pr1mo energy drink set to compete on the open market, the company logo will appear on the back of the Welsh jersey during their World Cup campaign.

Louisa Chiarelli, Pr1mo’s Energy Sales and Marketing Manager said the company is thrilled to be involved with Welsh rugby league and looks forward to the partnership in the future.

“We are thrilled to be sponsoring the Wales Rugby League team especially with the excitement surrounding the World Cup in October,” said Chiarelli.

The Welsh themselves are also excited with the partnership, as WRL’s Chief Operating Officer Chris Thair says the new partnership is a win-win for both Welsh rugby league and for the emerging Pr1mo company.

“We are delighted to enter a new partnership and have listened closely to what they wish to achieve as a business,” said Thair.

“Pr1mo will gain considerable exposure from the World Cup and we have already started to put them in contact with our existing portfolio of partners who may be able to assist their growth.

It is a great tasting drink and we welcome them to the Wales Rugby League family”.

The current partnership will run through until 2014, before being reviewed after that period is up.

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