Jharal Yow Yeh

When players have to retire due to injury, it is never a fun feeling for anyone involved but unfortunately for Brisbane Broncos back Jharal Yow Yeh, his career has come to an end after he opted to retire from the game.

The announcement comes after complications with his previous injury, one that saw him suffer monumental injury to his ankle and thus he underwent numerous surgeries to attempt to rectify the issue.

Unfortunately, the injury has taken its toll and Yow Yeh can no longer fight to maintain the fitness required with the injury proving too much and thus forcing his retirement.

Despite the announcement, Yow Yeh will remain a favourite of the fans, the club and the organisation and he was warm applause and support from all at the club, with Broncos Chief Executive Paul White saying:

“From the front office to the coaching staff to his teammates, Jharal is universally respected by all,” said White.

“He has a generous outgoing nature which has always endeared him to members of the community.

“Everyone at the club has the utmost admiration for the way he has tackled the challenges he has had to deal with over the last two years to give himself every chance to get back on the field.”

Although Yow Yeh explored every possible option to try and rekindle his previous form and get back into the world of rugby league, it was not to be, although he was able to play once more before the retirement announcement.

“He has left no stone unturned in that goal, and it was wonderful to see him play again during the trials this year.

“But now it is time for him to move on to what is next.

“He has a bright future – rugby league and sport has always been the vehicle for that, and will continue to be as he to builds a career off the field.”

The words were short and sweet from Jharal, who after years of trying to get back to full fitness and have an impact, just could not give anymore.

“I gave it my all,” said Yow Yeh.

“I have been struggling in my head, trying to get my head around playing rugby league again. The decision was made last week for me, when I talked to Hook (coach Anthony Griffin) and my family and friends.

“I’m happy this is off my back, the pressure is not there. I feel comfortable. I thank the Broncos for sticking by me. I’ve been here for a while and have been very humbled to put the jersey on.”

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