There is always a first for everything and in this particular instance, it is a momentous occasion, with the Gold Coast Titans appointing highly respected business leader Rebecca Frizelle onto the Titans board – the first woman to hold a position in NRL history.

It is not the first time that a Gold Coast side has appointed a female board member, with Alice Flint appointed director of the now defunct Gold Coast Seagulls outfit in 2004.

Frizelle – who is an avid Titans fan – will be the Chairman of the board and comes with a ton of business experience after her work with James Frizelle’s Automotive Group.

In addition to Frizelle joining the board of directors, Paul Donovan, the Chief Operating Officer of Gold Coast Airport and Chairman of the Gold Coast Tourism board also joins the Titans board of directors.

The duo join Daryl Kelly and Michael Searle on the four person Titans board and for Kelly – who has been a crucial board member since 2012 – says that appointing Frizelle and Donovan is a sign of rebuilding for the Titans.

“Paul and Rebecca bring a wealth of business experience and acumen, a strong network of contacts and a fresh aspect to our business,” said Kelly.

“We are very fortunate to have them involved.

“The name Frizelle has long been associated with the Gold Coast for many years and Rebecca is a successful and widely respected business leader in her own right. Paul has an outstanding record in the airline and tourism industries and has overseen significant development at the Gold Coast airport since 2005 and has been chairman of the Gold Coast Tourism Board for the past six years.

“Importantly, both are passionate about the future of the Gold Coast.

“This development is part of continued improved corporate governance of the Gold Coast Titans and arms us with an enormous pool of diverse business skills, networks and ingenuity to take us to a new level of success.”

For 25 years, Frizelle has worked in the business industry and having been involved in the Gold Coast Community for years now, the avid Titans fan is thrilled to take the next step and be associated with the club in a further capacity.

“We signed on as a sponsor of the Titans in 2006 and have been a passionate partner of the Titans ever since,” said Frizelle.

“I have a great faith in the Titans management and the club’s potential and am very proud to associate my name with them.

“I’m naturally very proud and honoured to learn that I am the first female chairman in Australian rugby league at a professional level. I bring a female perspective which can at times be extremely different in some aspects, recognising that women are often the decision makers in families. I’d certainly like to see more females attend matches. It’s a family game and we need to be targeting that enthusiastically, which I know the Titans already do.”

For Donovan, it is not his first foray into the world of rugby league, as he been involved with the game via his numerous positions at airlines. For Donovan, he too looks forward to the new role and wants to see the Titans succeed.

“I’ve become involved with the Titans because I care about the Gold Coast and the Titans are a large part of the Gold Coast community,” said Donovan.

“I want the Gold Coast to be successful and with that comes the Titans being successful. During my time on Gold Coast Tourism I’d like to think we have the best governance in terms of any board on the Gold Coast and I would like to replicate that with the Titans.”

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