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A promising player that has the potential to be anything and a future star does not come around too long and for some, they can can cope. For others, the spotlight becomes too much.

After his most recent indiscretion in New York, the Wests Tigers have terminated the contract of Matt Lodge after he allegedly assaulted a man and stalked two females.

The reports emerged yesterday that Lodge had been involved in the incident where he allegedly said, “this is the night you die” to the women.

Just last month, Lodge was stood down by the Tigers and charged accordingly for domestic violence offences, continuing a string of now infamous incidents.

Lodge’s New York incident went one step too far with not only his words causing concern and hurt but following the two women into their unit which led to a police statement.

“The women were let into the ­building by a resident of the building,” the police spokesman said.

“The suspect also made his way into the building and then into the man’s apartment who let the women in.

“He was trying to help them out, he let them into his apartment, Lodge ­followed them into the apartment, there he assaulted the male in his apartment.

“During the incident (the women) were able to call 911 and police arrested him.”

Officially, Lodge was charged with criminal mischief, reckless endangerment, criminal trespass, assault and menacing.

This latest incident was the icing on the cake for Lodge’s contract termination, with the Tigers releasing the following statement late last night:

“Wests Tigers have today been informed that player Matthew Lodge was arrested while holidaying in the United States.

Lodge has been charged with a number of offences following an incident while in New York.

The Club has made the decision to terminate Lodge’s playing contract, effective immediately.

Wests Tigers CEO Justin Pascoe said that the Club would not tolerate this type of behaviour.

“The Club is incredibly disappointed to learn that Matthew Lodge has been charged by police while overseas on holiday,” said Pascoe. “We have since made the decision to terminate Lodge’s playing contract with Wests Tigers, effective immediately.

“This type of behaviour does not fit with the culture we are building at the Club, nor is it to the behavioural standards that we accept,” he said. “Whilst our playing contract obligation to Matthew will be terminated, the Club will continue to offer welfare and counselling options to Matthew to ensure he has the support he needs.”

Lodge has not played for Wests Tigers since being stood down on August 21 this year following an incident that resulted in charges being laid against him.

Wests Tigers will be making no further comment on the situation at this stage.”

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