He’s back again. The Sports Fantasy Pro Wizard with part 2 of his witty NRL fantasy overviews. This time, it is all about the brain snap. That moment when, somehow, you make a really bad trade and forget to reverse it, or you get rid of a quality player because they are playing badly and they go on to score big the week you get rid of him. Tough break and all of us have been there.

We’ve all been there.

One minute you’re in a happy, optimistic mood regarding your chances of fantasy glory at the weekend and then BAM, a few hours later your huddled in a corner whispering nonsensical ramblings thinking that it wouldn’t be the worst thing to take up pottery…

It is called the Brain Snap and it can happen to anyone, at any time.


In isolation, a coach making an utterly inept decision (which at the time may be thought to be brilliant) is not automatically a nail in the coffin of a daily challenge or fantasy season.

But the Brain Snap is insidious in nature.

While not initially fatal, the Brain Snap can (and has) lead many coaches down the rocky path of disinterest or in severe cases, complete apathy.

Occuring in 1 out of every 3 teams, the Brain Snap (or Greg Bird as it is known on the street) is the most common Coach Killer known.

The most common cause of Brain Snappery is brought on by a coach giving the armband to a non-proven performer who fails miserably.

…but there are myriad other forms.

Missing a deadline, panic trading, not checking the final line-ups before selecting your team, having a six pack before setting your line-up, convincing yourself that THIS is the week Granville plays 80 minutes, thinking Barba will be a late inclusion into the team at fullback this week, picking Josh Reynolds (anytime), not coughing up the mulah for JT or Gal in a Daily Challenge – the list is endless.

The best way to combat BS is with sound judgement but when it does inevitably happen, it is of the utmost importance to remember this – when you do go for something and it doesn’t pay off, it is what you do next that decides whether it was a good move or not.

Trying something is fine, even if it was in hindsight a bit of a BS.

But the worst thing a coach can do is enter ‘fantasy tilt’ after one or consecutive Brain Snaps.

Dropping the lip and leaving the team to fade and die because you made a mistake in week six is like crying at a bad tee shot on the third tee – you can let it ruin your day or it can be the setback that inspires you the greatest of victories!

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