You think your team is safe from it but when you least expect it…bang! Somehow, your team is hacked or compromised. For whatever reason, someone accesses your team and deliberately hijacks your chances. It does happen and can be the difference between a win or a loss. Always remember – if in doubt, change your password.

It is a dark day indeed when your team is hacked, changed or otherwise tampered with without your knowledge…friendships can be lost over such things.


There are several ways in which a Security Breach can occur and often it is the very last person you suspect.

Leaving your team open on a mobile or computer – particularly during times when you have friends over or vengeful siblings/spouses snooping around – is just asking to be sabotaged.

Equally, Security Breach can occur during those most desperate of times throughout the season when you enter your login details on a friends computer and forget to log out or worse, tell them your passwords!

If you think getting hacked is fun, talk to a coach who has checked their team after Thursday Night Footy to find Tedesco traded out for Zillman or the armband shifted from Smith to Mortimer!

More than most Coach Killers, the Security Breach can have a devastating impact on your club.


Good common sense and a healthy mistrust for people in general are the most effective ways to combat the Security Breach.

Particularly in this Daily Fantasy era, rival coaches will risk much to get access to your list for even a couple of minutes.

The easiest way to avoid being hacked is to never (ever) supply a so-called friend with your login details – but if you do, for Joey’s sake, change them as soon as you can so that your rival coach cannot access your team after your gone.

Best practice is to always log out of your team no matter how quickly you will be back checking on it.

Even if your friend or family member is not in your league, nowadays people know enough about fantasy sport for them to wreck your team just for the fun of it.

A good coach will train themselves to assume the worst in their fellow coaches – and their friends and family for that matter.

Always assume your team is at risk, and it seldom will be. ….write that down.

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