It is quite possibly the single greatest danger period of a coaches week.

You know the time im talking about, that period between midday and 8pm Friday when coaching ones fantasy team is all that is really going through a coaches mind.

But what happens when, distracted and left vulnerable by thoughts of trades, selection strategies and team tactics, a fantasy coach is hijacked by a generous employer and/or co-worker with a penchant for extending a lunchtime chicken parmy into past Race 7 at the Valley???


More so than the Brain Snap, the Long Lunch can leave a sour aftertaste in a coach’s mouth.

That feeling that somehow it was not entirely the teams fault that they failed at the weekend can be a bitter pill for some coaches to swallow.

Most victims of the Long Friday Lunch spend several days after their impromptu booze-up lamenting the fact their fantasy team was unprepared, cursing the footy gods and muttering ‘if only’ under their breath as they rock themselves to sleep.

There is a school of fantasy thought that says the Long Lunch and Brain Snap are one in the same, with the snap being the act of forgetting ones team completely, however we at Sports Fantasy Pro recognise how powerless coaches can become when confronted with free beer and cheese-covered crumbed chicken.

Thus the two remain apart on this list.


Despite the age of technology in which we live, it is not enough to simply say ‘buy a smart phone’, for Telstra is a long way short of everywhere and phones can be misplaced or broken at the best of times let alone when your six beers down and violently whipping home a roughie in race five at the Valley to recoup your losses.

No, the best practise is to get all your proverbial ducks in a row on Thursday afternoon, then again on Friday morning.

Sure you will miss out on the odd bit of Friday Late Mail but your team will be far better off than the ‘I’ll do my bulk research Friday arvo’ coaches.

A coach that goes into Friday lunch prepared and ready to play is one that can be happily hijacked for the afternoon.

By ricky

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