The Sports Fantasy Pro Wizard is back with yet another installment in his fantasy coach killers series. This time, the Bucks Weekend. That time when you head off with your mates for a celebration before the big one and find your team potentially hijacked or sabotaged.

A night/weekend away with the boys during the footy season may seem like a great idea but it can (and has) led to the mass sabotage or complete derailment of myriad fantasy seasons….


Coaching through adversity is part and parcel of being a head coach, but coaching through a Bucks weekend is like actively attempting to navigate into the Bermuda Triangle.

Due to the fact that majority of such celebrations occur or at least begin on a Friday, the first casualty of a Bucks doo is invariably a fantasy footy team.

Countless coaches have awoken Monday morning to find their so-called mates have taken liberties with their team across the weekend.

It can happen easily, particularly if your logins are saved on your phone.

Forget about prank calling ex-girlfriends the new game for bored best mates to play while you are passed out duck-taped to a telegraph pole at 4 in the morning is ‘what absolute numpty can we trade into his team’.

Indeed, the number of coaches who have returned from a Bucks weekend to find the armband has been given to some 17 year old non-playing rookie is frightening.

The reason so many Bucks (or even friends of Bucks) find themselves in fantasy hot water post stag doo is a combination of the innate trust they have in their best and closest friends, and the excitement and anticipation of the fun and frivolity ahead.

This sense of trust and excitement places a coach in a vulnerable head space which – more often than not – is exploited mercilessly by their mates.


The tough thing about the Bucks Night/Weekend is that at some stage during the weekend, most bucks will invariably check or update their fantasy team.

We here at Sports Fantasy Pro would never advocate that coaches turn away from their coaching responsibilities for even one weekend in season.

But in extreme circumstances like a bucks weekend – particularly if you are the buck – we would recommend that you plan WHERE and WHEN you coach very carefully.

Do not make it known you are about to login to your team – be circumspect, be stealthy and most of all, be quick.

But most importantly – tell NO ONE your login details.

For if even one of your mates catch you trading or shuffling your side, the next thing you know your team colours will be bright pink, your star players will vanish from your roster and your team name will be changed to Ya Mumma, Spoony Spoonicus or some other equally stupid phrase that sounds hilarious at 4am in the morning.

Even the most devoted coach will find it hard to pick up the pieces after that.

By ricky

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