Everyone has their views and opinions on betting, the place it has in our game and how the governing bodies should act when players are involved with it whether in truth via evidence or linked to it. 

With the huge emphasis often placed upon the role that betting and gambling plays in our game from a sponsorship and fan perspective, it is easy to see how it can trickle into the world of the players and lead to this, the Tim Simona saga.

It reached a head for the NRL in the end when they decreed that the use of mobile phones prior to the start of games in the dressing sheds was not allowed, in an attempt to avoid similar instances from occurring. That in of itself is a bit extreme in the eyes of some but others believe it is necessary or justified. The question is, though, does it have to go further?

Can the NRL impose any further restriction that relates to the no mobile phone use or is this the strictest they can get? And what sort of precedent will the Tim Simona saga set for future instances of this nature, should any arise?

We thought we would devise a poll on the issue itself to determine whether people think Simona deserves a second chance or whether the fact that he was involved in betting to such a magnitude means that he should be immediately de-registered from the NRL.

In a move that will not surprise many, the NRL have opted to de-register the contract of Tim Simona with no guarantee that he will return to the game in a playing capacity. When you flout the rules to such a magnitude that Simona did, one’s hands are tied and the NRL had no decision but to act harshly.

So cast your vote, share your view either via a comment or via Twitter and let us know what you think.

What should Tim Simona's suspension be in light of his involvement with betting?

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