Kyle Feldt

Despite the subject of much speculation over the last few months, North Queensland Cowboys winger Kyle Feldt will remain at the club after signing a new 3-year deal.

Making his debut at the Cowboys, it is the only NRL club that Feldt has ever known and he is just grateful that the weight is off his shoulders now and that his future is sorted.

“It is a huge weight off my shoulders,” said the winger.

“It’s been a long time coming and I was in talks with the club for a while and we got the deal done a few days ago.”

Security is the key for any player, as they want to ensure that they have a spot at the club they are at to avoid any major dips in forms or disappointing moments.

“It is good to have that security, I guess,” Feldt continued.

“Now I can just go out and have fun.”

Whilst the deal did take a while to complete with rival clubs also offering Feldt the chance to join them, in the end, it was an easy decision.

“We got the deal done Wednesday when we got down into Sydney,” said Feldt.

“I had a clear mind and a really good night’s sleep going down into the game.”

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